Q: Do I have to know exactly what I want to build before I call Randi R. Martin to get started?
A: No. Consult with Randi about the general idea of what your needs are. Randi will assess your needs and review your options with you.


Q: I can't even hammer a nail and know nothing about building. Do I have to understand builder-speak to use Randi R. Martin's services?
A: No. Randi will expertly guide you through the building process from start to finish. He will explain all of your building needs and it's processes with you in clear terms.


Q: Is there a fee for a consultation with Randi R. Martin?
A: No. Consultations are given as a courtesy.

Q: What qualifications does Randi R. Martin have?
A: Randi possesses Florida State Certification as a Building Contractor and has been in the construction business for 30 years. He must update his knowledge through continued education to renew his Florida State Certification every two years.

Q: Is Randi R. Martin Builder insured?
A: Yes. Randi R. Martin Builder is fully insured. Any additional insurance needs for your building project will be discussed during consultations and stated in the building contract.

Q: Does anybody inspect Randi R. Martin's building work?
A: Yes. Inspections are held by a Municipality or County Building Inspector throughout all phases of construction. Each and every element from foundation to final inspection is held to rigorous building standards.

Q: As a homeowner, what's my role in the construction project?
A: There are generally only a few things a homeowner need do. Mainly, choose your desired design and finishes of the home, addition or renovation to be built and obtain financing. All phases of construction are managed by Randi R. Martin. Randi will communicate with you throughout your construction project as it progresses. Randi will expertly make your design dreams come true.


Q: Does Randi R. Martin's building work come with a warranty?
A: Yes. All building work done by Randi R. Martin comes with at least a one year standard builder's warranty.


Q: Do I need to get building permits?
A: No. Randi R. Martin will request and obtain all permits needed for your building project as will be written in your contract.


Q: Do I need an architect to get started?
A: No. Initially, you can consult with Randi R. Martin without architectural renderings. Randi will then guide you on what, where, whom and how you go from there. All building projects must have, Florida State Certified Architectural Engineer, sealed blue prints.


Q: I already have architectural blue prints. Can Randi R. Martin build it?
A: Yes. Randi will inspect your plan to ensure that it is suitable.


Q: What is the financial payment process?
A: Typically the financial payment process is handled directly with your lender and Randi R. Martin and written into your contract. For persons that are self financing, a payment draw schedule will be addressed in your building contract.


Q: How long does it take Randi R. Martin to build a project?
A: You can enjoy living in your new 1500-2500 sq. ft. home in as little as 4 months. There are many factors involved such as square footage, site preparation and or demolition that affect the time frame of a building project. Randi will assess all factors involved that dictate the time your building project warrants.


Q: Will Randi R. Martin complete my project in budget?
A: Yes. Staying in budget on the original contract is always assured.






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